Chris Allen was the project architect and designer for Gardenview Estates while he was employed at Kadushin Associates Architects Planners. 


Gardenview Estates is located at the site of the former Herman Gardens public housing project in northwest Detroit.  Herman Gardens was built in 1943 and consisted of 2,144 dwelling units on 139 acres, and was the home of some notable Detroiters, including John Delorean, The Spinners, and judge Greg Mathis.  At the time of the construction of Herman Gardens, its location was adjacent to some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city of Detroit, including large areas of land owned and occupied by Henry Ford and his family.

Herman Gardens fell into disrepair in the 1980's, and was demolished in the late 1990's.  After a decade of planning, Gardenview Estates was unveiled as the replacement, with 833 dwellings consisting of apartments, for-sale "green"single-family homes, and senior co-ops.

The project includes over 300 rental units, located in duplexes, town homes and apartment buildings.  A central park contains green space for a playground and other passive recreation, and many of the homes' front entries face the park.  The homes have many "green" features, including Energy Star rated furnaces and appliances.

The project team was a public/private partnership that utilized a variety of funding sources, including low-income housing tax credits, HOPE VI, Replacement Housing Factor Funds, and brownfield tax credits.


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